Headin' West

Headin' West

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The Headin' West Pack comes with Three bottle of Bull Elk Urine, Three bottle of Cow-N-Heat, Two Spray Caps and One 10-pack of Antler Ice's Ghost Wicks.

You ask, and we delivered!  New for 2020, Antler Ice's fresh, frozen ELK URINE is now available!  If your elk hunting this fall, you no longer have to worry about spoiled or synthetic elk based scents ruining your hunt.  Just get your legs in shape and let the Antler Ice do its job!  Antler Ice's elk urine is collected and frozen immediately to ensure the freshest product in each bottle. 

Antler Ice's BULL ELK urine is collected from a mature bull elk.  Best if used during the bugle season in the state your hunting.  This product will likely make bull elk a bit upset and looking for a fight.  Be ready and stay safe!

Antler Ice's COW-N-HEAT urine is collected from a cow elk ready to breed.  Best used during the bugle season when the bulls are busy looking for girlfriends.  This product will get bull elk fired up and looking for your scent, stay safe and shoot straight!