Scent Education


As all hunters know, the whitetail deer's best defense is it's ability to smell. Their noses are equipped with 297 million olfactory receptors, which allow them to smell everything in the woods. To put their ability into perspective, humans have only 5 million olfactory receptors, and dogs have 220 million. So to sum it up, the whitetail deer can smell 60 times better than a human! This is why scent control, attractants, and cover scents are so important!


Antler Ice has taken quality to a new level, giving a whole new meaning to the word FRESH. Unlike other deer attractant manufacturers, Antler Ice stops the reproduction of bacteria in Urine, and the ever so potent smell of ammonia by freezing the urine within hours of it leaving the deer's body. Others have claimed to rid the un-natural ammonia smell, but in fact have merely covered it up with the addition of chloroform to their urine.


Urine is a very clean and sterile fluid, that is before it leaves the body. Once urine leaves the body of the whitetail deer, bacteria begins reproducing, causing the urine to smell like ammonia. The smell of ammonia is unnatural to the whitetail deer and could spook them. There is only one way to stop unfresh urine from smelling like ammonia, and that is with the use of a preservative, which deer can also smell. By using a preservative, such as chloroform, in deer urine, you are creating a deterrent, instead of an attractant. Freezing urine is natural, and allows for nothing else to be added, making it 100% Urine.

1. QUESTION: What do you smell when you walk into a pizza shop?

2. QUESTION: What does a deer smell when it walks into a pizza shop?
ANSWER: Cheese, sauce, oregano, pepperoni, spices, ect...

It is said that the whitetail deer can distinguish up to eight different smells at the same time.


Imagine going to your favorite tree stand, and dumping a gallon of gasoline 15 yards from your tree. It is clear that the chances of you harvesting a deer are now decreased. But as it will be, if 30 people tried this, statistically, somebody would still shoot a deer. Deer hunting is a numbers game, and even if you decide to take unfrozen, unfresh deer urine on your next hunt, you could still be successful, even though your odds are lowered.


Does typically go in heat towards the end of the year. Which means if urine is collected in say, November, then 10 months later, consumers are buying it on the stores shelf. This urine is not fresh, and will be loaded with preservatives!! You scout all summer long, prepare your hunting area, plant food plots, and devote countless hours on preparing for the deer season. Don't decrease you odds with an imitation. We promise you 100% pure, fresh, frozen urine!


Using Antler Ice deer attractants will increase your odds of harvesting more deer, and possibly that trophy buck from your trail cameras. WHY? Antler Ice deer urine is hands down the freshest deer urine on the market! With no added preservatives to essentially alter the smell of the urine. Remember the whitetail deer can smell up to sixty times better than a human. With that being said, don't risk your hunt on a urine product that has been on the shelf for 10 months before you purchase it!

So after 8 years of experimentation, we welcome you to the future of deer attractants, and cover scents...Antler Ice is finally here... Let us join you on your next hunting adventure!