Product Directions

Caring for your frozen urine propery will play a major role in keeping it fresh. By keeping the urine frozen until needed will be important. There are two ways we reccomend thawing urine prior to use.

  1. Remove the 4oz bottle from the freezer 8-10 hours before your hunt and keep it refrigerated. If possible, thaw urine overnight in refrigerator.
  2. To defrost faster, you can also remove bottle from freezer, be sure cap is tightly secured, and run cold water over the bottle for 5-10 minutes. Do not use hot water, you do not want the urine to heat up.

For best quality, once urine is thawed, use within 3-4 days. Unused portion can be re-frozen. If urine is unfrozen for more than 3-4 days, we highly reccomend discarding of the product. By this time it will have lost it's freshness, and could in fact be a deterrant for deer.

Use fresh Antler Ice urine with Antler Ice drag ropes, or scent pads to stream a scent trail to your hunting location.

Once on location, use Antler Ice scent canisters to hold and distribute scent. For best results, especially in swirling winds, hang an Antler Ice scent canister on all four sides of your stand, at different heights to help cover your scent and attract more deer, no matter what the wind is doing.

Works great in combination with deer decoys. Place an Antler Ice scent wick under the tail of your favorite deer decoy to help add realism to your setup.

Below is some information on what types of urine to use during the different stages of your states whitetail deer season...

Doe-N-Heat Urine (Frozen)
Antler Ice's Doe-N-Heat Urine is the real deal! 100% pure, fresh, frozen urine, right from a doe, ready to breed. The hottest item in the freezer. This product has "THE RUT" written all over it! When bucks are chasing does in your area, it's time to thaw this bottle and run a drag line right to your shooting lane.

WARNING: This doe-n-heat urine is the real deal! Cruising bucks can be unpredictable, and come in like a loose cannon. Be vigilant, and buckle up!

All Season Urine (A.S.U) (Frozen)
The name says it all...All Season Urine. A.S.U. is a combination of doe urine and apple scent. Doe urine will calm does and attract bucks. The additive of apple scent will also raise their curiosity and pull deer in from acres away! This is a fantastic cover scent as well. Works great from the season opener of archery, till the gun smoke clears at the end of the season. Even great for filming or deer watching during the summer months!

Buck Urine (Frozen)
Behind doe-n-heat, buck urine is the second biggest reason trophy bucks will dance in your shooting lane. In the early season, use as a curiosity lure for bucks traveling in groups. During the rut, buck urine will force dominant bucks to barge into your setup looking for a turf fight!

WARNING: Buck Urine can make dominant bucks angry, and ready to brawl. Cruising bucks can be unpredictable, and come in like a loose cannon. Be vigilant, and stay safe.

Doe Urine (Frozen)
Doe Urine is very universal and can be used all season long. Doe Urine will calm passing deer, create curiosity, and cover your scent as well. Passing bucks and does will be looking for a new doe in the area. Effective all season.  

Your Frozen Arsenal 4-Pack (Frozen)
This is the ultimate 4-pack!  Not only covering your entire season, but allowing you to use different combinations of urine on each hunt. Doe Urine, Buck Urine, and A.S.U. can be used all season long. Doe-N-Heat should be used during rutting conditions in your area. For increased odds of brining in a dominant buck, use both Doe-N-Heat and Buck Urine during peak rut.