About Us

Antler Ice is a company based out of the North East, about 45 minutes south of Buffalo, NY. Antler Ice was founded in 2011 by owner Shaun Thomson. Shaun is a United States military veteran with over a decade of experience in the hunting / filming industry. Driven to succeed, Shaun and his dedicated team at Antler Ice strive to produce the freshest, preservative free, frozen deer urine attractant on the market today, giving Antler Ice customers that extra advantage when they take to the woods in pursuit of the whitetail deer. 

Antler Ice's speedy urine collection process ensures the freshest deer urine attractant for its customers. The urine is collected from the whitetail deer, filtered, bottled, and frozen all within hours. This process prevents the reproduction of bacteria, and that famous ammonia smell we all know as "rotting urine". There is little room for error when pursuing whitetails, especially when it comes to scent control. Man-kind spends countless hours every year trying to figure out a better way to fool the whitetail deer's nose. To say deer smell better than humans is an understatement. To put it in perspective, the average human has about 5 million olfactory receptors in their nose to detect scent. Mans best friend, the dog, have about 220 million. And topping the charts is the whitetail deer with 297 million. This means the whitetail deer can detect scent about 60 times better than humans! 

Antler Ice also produces one of todays upcoming production series, Bone Cold TV. This new series will keep you on the edge of your seat as the Antler Ice film crew will show you hunting through the lens of a company in the hunting industry today. This TV series will be premiering on the Pursuit Channel starting in January of 2015. 

Thank you again for your time, and we look forward to hearing your stories, and seeing your success photos with your game, and Antler Ice bottles. 

The deer pees...the pee is frozen...end of story.